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Smoke art

July 31st, 2013

Smoke art

A world of images!
As a photographer it is always exciting to create and find new designs, and I have since I started as a photographer, always played with Smoke art, and the figure and patterns that I can produce with smoke.
It's actually quite simple to photograph smoke, and the challenge lies in following the treatment, and to find the subject in the smoke.
I use the following setup: Black background, Incense sticks, flash and macro lens.
The trick is to shed light smoke without illuminating the background, so I have fitted black cardboard, around the flash, pointing to the smoke, and I focus on the smoke and fire.

The exciting thing for me is to post-process and playing with the smoke patterns, and adding texture and other small details that can be pulled forward.
You can see some of my smok eart here: